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Garage Design- A New Garage for the Thompsons

When we finished our house in September 2011 we were tired and out of funds. It has always been our plan to add on a garage to the house as soon as we could. I am tired of keeping my pump up sprayer, drip hoses, and other miscellaneous outdoor stuff inside. I can’t wait to have more room for my more messy, off gassing diy projects. We may be able to build the garage this year. Depending on what prices we can get for our crops this year. We shall see, but I drew up some plans and made a little 3d model of what we are thinking we want. I have been pricing materials and getting estimates from sub contractors.

Floor plan:

GARAGE PLANS-GARAGE FLOORElevations:GARAGE PLANS-NORTH SOUTH copy GARAGE PLANS-EAST WEST copyAnd a rough 3d model of what it will look like beside our house. Just to get an idea of the scale and roof line proportions.

garage1garage2garage3I like the way the roofline looks on the garage next to the house but I wish the water didn’t run that way. I guess we will have to get gutters to redirect the water….because it doesn’t look right if it slopes the other way. We still have time to think on it.

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Blank Slate Kitchen Remodel

Here is a peek at a project that I have been working on lately. It is a remodel of a blank kitchen space. The previous owner had taken part of the previous cabinets with them, so we were starting from scratch. This is what we’re working with:

006005007The new owners are starting with a new medium brown hardwood, scraping the dated “popcorn” from the ceiling, tearing out existing cabinets and painting the trim in the house white.

After measuring the space and talking with the owners, we decided to leave the appliances in places they originally occupied to save time and expense. Here is the new floor plan. We added a desk area to the right wall, and totally reconfigured the pantry area. It was a awkward shaped, inefficient walk in pantry. Now it is 2- 30″w 90″h cabinets that will DOUBLE their usable storage! That is what a well thought out kitchen design can do for you ladies and gents.

Here is their new kitchen floorplan:

Kitchen-CABINETS copy copyAnd here are some basic models I did to show them what it will look like and where everything goes for the install:


 I also did electric plans, lighting plans, lighting selections, materials selections, and handled all the ordering for this client. There are so many little details that go into a kitchen remodel. I can work with you to make yours smooth sailing and stress free. I am excited to see the finished product when everything is installed

NOTE: The backsplash, counters, and flooring shown in the model are not the actual ones selected for this project. They are for modeling only.

To work with me on your project please contact me today!

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Watercolor House Portraits

Some people may not know that I did an Art minor in college. My favorite medium is watercolors. From time to time I accept watercolor commissions to do house portraits for people. I do enjoy painting other things besides houses and landscapes, but those are what I feel comfortable accepting commissions for. Here is an example of a house portrait I did last year.

First is a photograph of the house:


And the watercolor painting:

004The painting is around 16″ x 20″. Happy Friday!


JC Penny Designer Furniture on Sale

Wow. Have you seen the new Jonathan Adler and Designs by Conran furniture at JC Penny. They are REALLY stepping up their style factor. It is on SALE right now too! I am loving this style and prices. I have not seen it in person but I have only seen good reviews for it. Has anyone seen it in person/ bought a piece?

Happy Chic DiningJonathan Adler Happy Chic Dining Set: Table $1005, Arm Chair $315, Side Chairs $205


Coridon Sliding Door CabinetCoridon Sliding Door Storage Cabinet 47″w x 19″D x78.5″ $1125  This is a clever design yall! It says solid poplar with oak veneer.

Crescent Heights Laquer Queen BedCrescent Heights Lacquer Queen Bed in Teal $1495 sale price. This would be perfect in a teen bedroom or young adult… or my bedroom:) Love this color.


I Survived Drape Making

I have a great seamstress who makes all my drapes, pillows and anything else I can dream up for my clients, but for some reason I decided I was going to make my own. I have basic sewing skills but this was by far my biggest project to date. I am so proud of the way they turned out. There are some flaws in them but hopefully they are not noticeable:)


The Fabric is Robert Allen Medallion Band in Toffee. I stumbled upon the fabric on half off on ebay and snatched it up. Unfortunately there is a reason it was half off… The pattern was printed crooked by about 3 inches which i discovered when i started cutting them out. At first I thought I was losing my mind and spent hours trying to match my pattern until I realized it actually was crooked. Ahh…

This tutorial from Design*Sponge is what made me decide that I could do this myself. It seems so easy! But let me tell you it is a whole different ballgame when you want your drapes 108″ long. Tip #1 You have to have room to layout your fabric flat. I was finally able to achieve this by mostly clearing out all the furniture in my craft room.


My dogs thought I was spreading out fabric for them to lay/play on.

Tip #2 I used this pleating tape so it was super easy to get the pleats in the right place. I just sewed it to the top and then pulled the strings and pinned them down. You can untie the strings and un-scrunch the fabric to wash the panels.




Hanging them turned into quite a job too. I took down my rod that was holding my Walmart special curtains and moved it up near the ceiling for my new 108″ panels. I didn’t have a tall enough ladder so I improvised ladder on top of furniture, which probably was not very safe… but it turned out ok



Once I got the rod up I stuck drapery pins from Walmart into the nice sturdy pleating tape.


Then I put them on my rings from Bed Bath and Beyond. These are my go to curtain rods for my budget projects.

DSC_0266There were many times I was kicking myself for just not letting my seamstress do it for me, but in the end I learned alot about sewing and about my sewing machine and have a new appreciation for my seamstress and her immaculate work.


Ahhh! They make me smile! It amazes me every time the difference the right fabric in a custom drape can make.

Tip #3 Did you know that you can print sewing machine manuals off the internet? Jared’s grandma gave me a Singer 8007CH that she had picked up at a yard sale. She said if I oiled it would work like a charm. So I ordered some sewing machine oil off ebay, printed the manual off the internet, followed the directions on how to oil it, and what do you know… worked like a charm! I didn’t know you should oil your machine every 6 months and little oil can fix alot of machine probs.

Let me design some custom drapes for your home.


Kitchen Remodel in an early 1900s Home

I am so pumped to be working on a kitchen remodel for a home built in the early 1900s. One of my dreams is to restore an old home one day. For now though I will have to live vicariously through my clients:) Here is a pic of the materials we are going with:


Cabinets are going to be a crisp white, floors are a traditional warm light colored oak, back splash is honey colored marble, counter tops are quartz. Walls are going to be the royal blue or dark grey of the fabric. Can’t wait to show you the after photos:)


Custom Upholstery


One of my favorite things is transforming old furniture from drab to fab! Today I am going to show you a few inspiring pieces of custom upholstery I have designed for clients. Rainbow Upholstery

This chair is one of my favorites! It was a perfect fit in this little girl’s room for a place to curl up and read a book with mom or dad.

Custom Upholstery

This turquoise is welted in the orange curtain fabric.

Custom Upholstery

This gem is a 1970s era Ethan Allen that was originally lemon yellow. After years of love it is getting a new life as a turquoise chair with white welting. Just goes to show that if you invest in quality pieces they can last a lifetime with a little bit of new fabric. Call me to see what new looks your furniture have.


Today’s Before and After

Today’s before and after feature shows a dramatic transformation. Before my clients were wishing for some new furniture, a new color scheme, and overall to warm up the place and make it more usefull to their family.

004 copy

002 copy

This was such a fun project for me. The clients are good friends of ours and they totally trusted my judgement and let me choose everything with pretty much a free hand. I was able to save them money because I only did one design plan and they liked all my selections so there were no re-selctions and best of all no returns. Can you say dream client?!

So here is my original idea sketch that I did for them.

Hardin Sketch

It is pretty rough but shows the main ideas. And here is a 3d model of their fireplace that I did for the handyman who built their shelves.

Mantle Set up

And here is how it turned out in real life!!!

DSC_1842What a dramatic transformation! The Colors are Wall color Sherwin Williams Indian White 0035, Midday 6695, and Roycroft Adobe 0040.

The new couches are Bassett the leather one is the Hudson and the loveseat is Brewster. The jute rug is from overstock.com, and the cowhide is from amazon.


The curtains are from World Market and the accessories are from Target and the clients personal collection. I love that the shelves display so many things that are special to their family! Yay!

One thing you may notice is that the clients did not do the cord hiding mantle that was shown in the original drawings. The cords are still in view but I did add a tall mother-in-law’s tongue plant and decorative sticks to help hide the cords.DSC_1843

The contemporary artwork over the sofa is from a local boutique that I happened to pass by on my lunch break on install day. What luck! Ta da! Call me to see how I can transform your living room!


Our Crafts for Double Decker

We are putting the finishing touches on our wares for Double Decker Fest in Oxford this Saturday from 10-5. Look for our Designing in the Delta Booth on Lamar Street. We will probably be the only ones with a Razorback tent! I hope the Ole Miss fans won’t hold it against us that all they sold at our Walmart at the time we needed a tent was a Razorback one:)

Here are some pics of what we have been working on:

Leather and Pearl Jewelry

This is Mom’s leather and pearl jewelry. We were playing around with a display mannequin and decided on this outfit for her. The jewelry is leather cord with freshwater pearls and vintage metals.

Burlap Heart Mississippi PillowsThese are some burlap heart Mississippi pillows mom made.

Dish Towels

These are some Mississippi Dish Towels that Mom made.

Vintage Glass Yard Art

These are Vintage Glass Yard Art Sculptures that we will be selling in our booth.


Here is another sculpture that we will have for sale. Come out and see us on Saturday!


Gearing up for Double Decker Fest

Mom and I are gearing up for Double Decker Fest 2013 in Oxford, Mississippi. Last year we went as spectators and were so inspired by all the amazing arts and crafts. We shopped all day long (not dawdling!) and still just barely saw all of the amazing things for sale.  Here are some of the cool things we saw:

Sweet Collage Art

This is a collage made of different fabrics. Would make an amazing girls room/powder room addition

Birdhouse made out of driftwood cypress knees

Birdhouse made out of driftwood cypress knees


A birdbath made of vintage glass.


Original painting on an old window. Love the colors in this


Great Textural Painting, would look great in a baby girl’s nursery


Bracelets made of old keys and coins. Love how they are curved to fit snug to your wrist. These would look great stacked with other bracelets

Earrings made of Shotgun Shell Caps

Earrings made of shotgun shell caps. Ha! I have seen it all now. Now that is some creative thinking. I can see a guy loving these on his wife/girlfriend:)

I so should have gotten these for stocking stuffers for all the deer hunters on my list. Too Unique!

I so should have gotten these for stocking stuffers for all the deer hunters on my list. Seriously?! These are one of a kind. Only in the South!

Iridescent glaze pottery

Iridescent glaze pottery. The colors in this were out of this world! Way better in person


Ceramic birdhouse! This was stunning. If only I had a tree in my yard to hang it on…

Life Size Bottle Tree

Life Size Bottle Tree


Bottle Tree’s were everywhere last spring! I personally love them if done well. They can look tacky too. Above is a full size one at Double Decker.

Its only about 6 inches high

Miniature Bottle Tree Its only about 6 inches high



They even had a bottle tree stained glass. It was beautiful!

Look at those colors in the sky!

Their were also some hardcore artists there. Check out these watercolors. I found these so inspiring. I love his use of color and the looseness.This is something to aspire to!

And this plantation home in silhouette. Wow

And this plantation home in silhouette. Wow

These above works by Gary Walters. Here is a shot of his book

These above works by Gary Walters. Here is a shot of his book

A couple of more cool things we saw


Jared would have loved this South Carolina fish. What was I thinking to pass it over??


Love this wall art. So Americana

These are the things we bought

A neato print that has the words to a song that was played at our wedding ceremony

I had to get this print. It has the lyrics to a song that was played at our wedding ceremony, and the colors are perfect for our house.

Beautiful Silk cording with see pearl medallion bracelet. My favorite find

Love this beautiful Silk cording with see pearl medallion bracelet. My favorite find

Mom got this bracelet thats inspired by vintage silverware.

Mom got this bracelet,  inspired by vintage silverware.

Mom got this pearl wrap bracelet/necklace

Mom also got this pearl wrap bracelet that you can also wear as a necklace.

I got this humorous duck print. We are obsessed with ducks at our house so I thought it was only fitting

I had to get this funny duck print. We are a little obsessed with ducks around our house so I loved this fancy duck and his bright colors:)

I got these cuties for my mother in law. She loves chickens. These are ceramic ones sitting on pearls.

I got these adorable chicken earrings for my MIL. She loves chicken decor and dangly earrings. They are ceramic and pearls.

Next post I will show yall what Mom and I are making up to sell at our booth Double Decker 2013. Make plans to come see us in Oxford on April 27